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Testimonials — 7 Comments

  1. We were fortunate enough to get in on the ground floor with Michele’s 2021 litter. Once the pups were born, we were given regular updates of the puppies’ progress and even their weights! Once the puppies were old enough, we were invited into her lovely home for a meet and greet. Michele is very dedicated and sacrificed the main floor of her home to keep constant contact with the litter. Our Emma came to us well socialized, recognized her name and was well on her way to be crate trained. The care package for the ride home was very generous and kept Emma very busy. Michele’s documentation was very detailed and left nothing unanswered. We continue to keep in touch with Michele and would recommend her to anyone looking for the perfect Lab puppy.

  2. I was lucky to have been referred to Michele by another Labrador breeder, and I am so thankful. From the beginning, Michele was attentive to my questions and kept me updated every step of the way from pregnancy to birth. Once my beautiful Summer was born, Michele provided weekly pictures and updates. As I was driving onwards to Ontario from the NWT after picking up Summer, Michele took the time to get her comfortable with being crated and driving in a vehicle. As a result, she is a great traveler. When I picked up Summer from Michele, it was apparent that Summer was a confident and well socialized pup. Michele provided me with a binder of information and suggested routines which was so very helpful in adjusting to the routine of a new puppy. It was clear to me that Michele loves and wants the best for her puppies. I have had two other labs in my life and my experience with Michele far surpassed my expectations. Summer is a beautiful girl that charms everyone she meets. Summer is fearless and confident and I know that this is the result Michele’s influence/socialization in her early development.

  3. When we first met Michelle we fell in love with Maya and Vader. We have had labs in the past but the love, gentleness, patience, & time Michelle spends with her dogs is above and beyond. The updates we got on our girl from the time she was born till we picked her up was exceptional. We were involved in the growth from the beginning. The guidance she has shared with us to this day is amazing & we’ve taken everything to heart. The time she spent with training our girl even before we got her was exceptional. She had already started potty training, crate training, sitting, & fetching. Everyone that has met our girl has been beyond impressed with her & have asked if Maya will be having another litter. From this day forward we would only get our puppies from Michelle. We will forever be beyond grateful to her for our beautiful, smart, & loving girl.

  4. I was fortunate enough to get a black lab from Michele, and coming from a family that has had labs all my life, I have been nothing short of amazed at Michele’s process, and the dogs that she breeds. Her communication and updates were amazing throughout the birth and raising process as she always sent pictures and weekly updates to show how the pups were doing. I again was fortunate enough that Michele even hand delivered me my dog Brooks from Manitoba all the way to Edmonton, Alberta. Now I write this after having my pup for just over a month and when I say that the quality of labs that Michele breeds are top notch, it does not do them justice. I have had five other labs in my life and the puppy that Michele sold me has exceeded any prior expectation of how labs are. Brooks’ temperament, coat, attitude, behaviour and stature has been something that I have never seen before. Everyone who meets him are amazed at how handsome and well behaved he is, and I have to tell them that he came from Michele at Knightly Labradors as she deserves a lot of the credit. I highly recommend Michele if you are looking to buy a Labrador and I know will certainly recommend anyone who is in the market. Thanks again Michele!

  5. I could tell immediately from my first interaction with Michelle that she truly loves her pups and wanted the best homes for them. Our yellow female (Harley Quinn) is absolutely beautiful and extremely intelligent. We received weekly updates, photos and videos on the progress of the pups from birth to pick up. Michelle’s resources and follow up was exceptional. We have continued to keep in touch and would recommend her to anyone looking for a beautiful and perfect family dog. Thank you Michelle we LOVE Har!

  6. Well what can we say except “Thank You” “Thank You” Michele.
    We received our awesome black male puppy “Koal” at 9 weeks from Michele.
    Michele provided photos, videos and written updates throughout the pups first eight weeks.
    Truly a nice touch as the puppies were in Manitoba and we were in Alberta.
    When we received Koal you could tell the little guy had been loved and well taken care of.
    Michele was very responsive to our questions and inquiries concerning Koal and we continue to send updated photos of Koal as I know she is most interested.
    Koal certainly has a much different attitude than our previous Labrador dogs. He is one of a kind and fast became an important part of our family. He runs it..ha
    Like Duke above we have gotten many compliments on what a handsome dog Koal is.
    He is so gentle, loving and oh so inquisitive.
    Thank You Michele! Great job.
    Wishing you all the best on your future breeding endeavors.

  7. Beyond happy that we waited patiently for a beautiful yellow male (Duke) from Michelle. Loved all the information she provided to us as a future dog owners. The gentling technique she used was evident. Our dog was already trained to sit before eating when we got him. Our 1 year old was able to feed him. Constantly getting compliments on how good looking our dog is. Talking to many Albertan dog breeders, I felt like Michelle really cared about the puppies and us as dog owners that it didn’t matter they were as far away as Manitoba. Absolutely loved the weekly photo shoot updates she sent. Thanks again.

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